Are you a Django developer looking for Django hosting in Europe? Do you want to get started quickly with Django in a Django-friendly hosting environment? Then Django hosting at is just for you.

Why Django hosting at

One-Click Django Installer

All you have to do is enter your project name, website address and admin login. The installer will do the rest for you! That way, your Django environment is up and running in less than a minute!

Be Close to your Customers

Our servers are located in Germany and France. That way, customers from Europe will experience faster page loading with than with a web hoster located in the US.

Djangonical Web Interface

Yes, our web interface is written entirely in Python using Django. You can buy as many system users as you want directly in our web interface. You can manage your system users, domains, ports and e-mail addresses.

Fully Customizable Web Server

Every system user comes with its own nginx web­server. You have full control over the configuration, as nginx's configuration files are in your home directory.

Not only Django

Of course you can also host other stuff apart from Django, like you can do on any other webhost. Setting up a PHP site running on Apache can be easily done using our web interface. We also provide an e-mail server which includes IMAP support and a spam filter.

30 Days Money-Back-Guarantee

There is nothing to risk! If you're unhappy with us, simply open a ticket within 30 days and we will refund you the full price.

A Django-friendly hosting environment.

Debian Linux Shell Account

You get access via SSH and SFTP to your account, running Debian GNU/Linux 9.0 (Stretch). A nginx and lighttpd web server is preinstalled. You can install your own software in your home directory or ask us to install it on the server, if it's not already preinstalled.

MySQL and PostgreSQL

You choose the database. Our Django installer supports both MySQL and PostgreSQL. You get access to phpMyAdmin and phpPgAdmin. SQLite is available as well.

IMAP E-mail

Unlimited number of e-mail addresses and forwardings. POP3(s), IMAP(s), SMTP(s), Webmail (RoundCube and IlohaMail via https), Customizable spam and virus filter (SpamAssassin, ClamAV), Optional blacklists and greylisting to reduce spam even more.

Unlimited Websites

Unlimited number of domains and websites can be hosted, as long as the resources permit it. You have full control over the DNS.

See how easy it is to set up Django.

Once you've created your account, it is very easy to set up a new Django site. Here is how it works:

  1. Open the Django One-Click Installer.
  2. Make some optional settings.
    • Enter the address of your website.
    • Choose your Database type.
    • Choose your Django version.
    • Enter your Django project name.
    • Choose your Django admin username.
  3. Click on "Start installation".
  4. Have fun with your new site!
    • Your Django site is online immediately.

What other customers say about us.

"They are great. I am new to Django and they are very responsive and patient with getting your app up and running. Great Service."


"I think they do excellent job and have the best documentation."


"After 2 days of being their customer all I can say is "yes, go for it". Great support, plenty of features, affordable price. Everything you'd want for your next Europe-hosted small Django site."


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